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Michigan CPL Classes (Conceal Carry Permit)

Michigan CPL Classes in Mount Pleasant Kingsmen PSC providing Michigan CPL/CCW Classes. The CPL Class is the NRA Personal Protection Inside The Home Course. The Michigan CPL Class we offer is a 8 hour one day class. Kingsmen PSC Michigan CPL Classes can hold up to 30 students.You do not need a firearm to come to the CPL Class, we have plenty for you to use, just pay for the ammo. Our Michigan Conceal Carry or CPL Classes are held in several different locations across the State of Michigan.  Kingsmen PSC provides CPL Classes in Isbella County, Ingham County, and all surrounding Counties in MI. Students will shoot 100 rounds of ammo at 8x11 targets. During the CPL Class you will learn how to safely handle your firearm, sight alignment, sight picture, home defense, legal brief, range rules, the mindset,situational awareness,loading, unloading a firearm and much more .We have group rates with 10 or more students, as well as week day Conceal Carry Classes depending on the students needs.  Our Michigan CPL Classes seat up 30 students. Cost of Kingsmen PSC CPL Classes is $100.00 To see CPL Classes in Michigan go to Class Location

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Firearm Training MI
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Introduction to Handguns

 Introduction to Handguns is designed for individuals 18 years of age or older looking for basic Firearm Training in Michigan. This is the beginners building block. Learn the basic fundamentals of a handgun. In this class you will learn gun safety, handgun handling, storage, proper stance, basic's of shooting, malfunctions, clearing, loading/unloading, cleaning and much more.

Student will need 100 rounds of ammo, ear & eye protection. 


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Michigan CPL Classes
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Introduction to the AR 15


This class introduces anyone over the age of 18 to the basic and fundamentals of the AR 15. You will learn safe gun handling , function and operations, loading and unloading, how to sight in your AR, malfunctions and clearing, types of slings, ammo selection, break down and cleaning. Students will need eye & ear protection, 200 rounds of ammunition. 


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Michigan CPL Classes
CPL Classes in Mt. Pleasant., MI

Advance Conceal Carry 1,2 and 3

 Advanced  Conceal Carry Classes are for the CPL holder looking to learn more about Conceal Carry in Michigan. The Conceal Carry 1 starts with the basics of conceal carry, you will learn holster draws, point shooting, multiple shooting  positions and more. Conceal carry 2 integrates martial arts and combative into the skills learned from skills from advanced conceal carry 1. Advance Conceal Carry 3 is the combination of the two classes mixed with reality based training and around a vehicle. $200   The Advanced Conceal Carry Classes is for those who have already taken the Michigan CPL Class.

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Michigan CPL Classes
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Active shooter response


This class is for anyone with a CPL/CCW. This is not a basic firearm training class. In this class you with learn about the progression and types of active shooters, and how to defend yourself and those around you. Students will learn with and without a gun, and be place in real life scenarios that incorporate stress. This class takes place in a shoot house.


CPL Classes in Mt.Pleasant, MI.
CPL Class in MI.
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Defensive Pistol Course

  Defensive Pistol  class is designed for those who have the basics down already. This Firearm Training  takes place on the range at chief okemos sportsman club. This Course is taught by former Green Beret George O'Kon. Students will need a firearm, holster, 3-4 Mags, personal carry equipment, speed loader and 250-300 rounds of target ammo.  For more info see calendar. CPL/CCW Classes in Mount Pleasant CPL/CCW Classes in Grand Rapids CPL/CCW Classes in 

Michigan Firearm Training and Medical Response.


CPL Class and Medical Response

This is a 1 Day Michigan CPL Class  taught  by Kingsmen PSC firearm instructors.  This Michigan CPL Class is like our 8 hour CPL Class but incorporates 1 hour of Medical Response Training to the CPL Class. Knowing what to do and how to treat your wounds in a violent attack is a must in today's world. Medical Training and Firearm Training go hand in hand. What would you do if you have been shot or stabbed? What could you do til the paramedics arrived? Come learn at our Firearm Training Classes in Michigan. Kingsmenpsc provides Michigan CPL Classes in Isabella County, Ingham County, and all surrounding Counties in Michigan. 


Medicine for Armed Encounters (MAE)

In today's world with so many uncertainty's knowing how to properly treat yourself is a must.  The MAE Class dose just that. This is a 6 hour class for individuals who would like to learn to treat themselves or treat others that were victims to a violent attack.In the MAE Class students will learn information that is important to help first responders when the arrive, basic human physiology, Hemorrhage Control, Chest injuries, airway techniques, Casualty movement, interact with EMS when they arrive. This Medical Training is taught by Bad Day Industries. This Training provides 2 hours of scenario based training. It is important to practice these skills under stress in a real life environment and integrate into your Firearm Training. The Cost of this class is $150.00 


Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC)

TECC is a 2 day 16 hour course. The TECC Class is open Law Enforcement, EMS, Military, Firefighters, Contractors ONLY. TECC teaches industry practitioners how to respond to life threatening situation in a tactical environment. 

  TECC Class covers  Direct Threat Care, Indirect Threat Care, Evacuations , Hemorrhage control, Surgical airways, Compression, Pediatric care, Casualty movement. Upon completion of this course Students will receive a certificate of completion  and a TECC Provider Card valid for 4 years. This is a NAEMT course. The Cost of this class is $350.0