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Church Security Training and Development

With threats  evolving and crime on the rise Kingsmen PSC understands the need for Church Security.  With the world that is increasingly dangerous people relay on there churches to be a safe  place to worship, fellowship, learn, and enjoy family, church security training Michigan .   

Kingsmen PSC Church Safety and Security Training and Development is not a one size fits all training program. Our Church Security Training is tailored to your place of worship. Our team is dedicated to providing your place of worship with the best strategies  to keep you safe from active shooters, disturbances, embarrassments,lawsuits, sexual assaults, kidnapping, domestic violence as well as many other safety concerns. Church Security Training Michigan in Lansing

Our team of professionals will first  sit down with you for a consultation and conduct a complete threat assessment. During the consultation Kingsmen PSC will establish your training needs and goals.  Our Church Security Training and Development is designed to be a building block to be proficient over time. Once training begins your team will be given basic and fundamental instruction. After the basic foundation is laid and your team has effectively illustrated the functions as a team,  they  will learn more advance training techniques. Once  the team has better effective in advance techniques they will have to preform as a team under stress in realistic scenarios. Church Security Training and Development also deploys legal briefs, working with the media, behavior analysis and patterns. Our Crisis Management Plan will be detailed, tested, and tailored to your Place of Worship. If Conceal Carry is allowed in the place worship (recommend ) we can set the standard for you. After our Conceal Carry Class  it is necessary for continued training.  We set a strict guideline for those who you have given authority to carry in the church. One's who carry for Church Security will be given a card after qualifying through our intense Firearm Training .  The Church Security carry card expires every year and your card holders will need to qualify once again. We build this for you so your Church Security director can preform the reinstatement yearly.

Weather you need help establishing a Church Security  team or just need to add on training to what you have in place already kingsmenpsc is here to help. We do provide smaller blocks of Church Security Training to fit your needs. We provide  training in:

Conceal Carry Classes

CPR/AED Training

Firearm Training

De-escalation Training

Self Defense and disturbance Training

Medical Armed Emergency Response Training 

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