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Tactical Training in Michigan


Tactical Training

With such a demand for tactical training in Michigan, Kingsmen PSC presents to you the best tactical training around. Frankie McRae of raidon tactics. Our partners at raidon tactics are the best in the industry of tactical training. Tactical firearms training is important as is sets you up for real world experience.  In these dynamic classes your will learn the stresses and effect of how fast life happens and learn how to gain the tactical advantage. Before attending a tactical firearm training it is important to have mastered the basics of your firearm. These are not basic classes. 

Tactical firearm training in Michigan;

· Tactical carbine 1/2/3

· Tactical pistol 1

· Low Light 

· 3 Day Gunfighter course

· Close Quarters Combat 1/2/3

To register for a tactical training in Michigan you will have to register at raidontactics.com . The next tactical training in Michigan will be the 3-day Gunfighter Class. We will have more information on the class in about a week. If you see a tactical firearm training you would like to attend tactical training michigan please fill out the contact form and let us know.

All DoD, Law Enforcement, and Security professionals are encouraged to contact Frankie directly 


Tactical Training in Michigan
Tactical Training in Michigan